From High Risk to General Care: Choose Us for Prenatal Care Singapore

There is nothing greater than finding out that you will be having a baby soon. It is fantastic news that everyone in your family can feel happy about. However, it is also one of the scariest times in a woman’s life. Her body is supporting this tiny little embryo and sadly, anything can happen. Don’t worry! Our prenatal care Singapore has you covered whether you need general care or help to get through a high-risk pregnancy.

General Care

With general care during pregnancy, we will do our part to monitor you along the way. Our goal is to ensure that everything for you and the baby is progressing in a normal way. We can do all the testing to discover issues that may be present, which may complicate your pregnancy. This may include labs and ultrasounds to ensure good growth and no possible risk of Down’s Syndrome.

We hope that everything is normal, but if something comes up, we will want to start helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

High-Risk Help

There are times, whether due to your age, your health, multiples, or your baby’s health, you may be told that you are having a high-risk pregnancy. What does this mean for you? 
In most cases, it merely means that you need to be watched a little more carefully. It could mean that you have early symptoms of something that could cause harm to you or your baby’s health. This may include early warning signs of pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, or preterm labor.

These are all scary words for a parent to hear when they are expecting a baby, but we want you to know that chances are good, you will be fine. Most of the time, with proper monitoring and care, women who are having a high-risk pregnancy will still deliver a healthy baby.

We Are Here to Help

Our doctors are specialists in women’s health. They know that pregnancy can be a time of excitement and fear. We understand that you have come to us for the best prenatal care Singapore and our goal is to provide it to you. All that you have to do is give us a call, schedule your appointment, and we will be happy to help you have the best pregnancy possible.

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